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29th March 2015


Orbs are around me 24/7 and yet I am blissfully unaware of them until I think of them and then amazing things unfold in front of my eyes, through the camera lense and on video...

It started in 2007, when I had a reading with a local psychic. Looking at a photo of my father the lady pointed out an orb. Explaining that with a magnifying glass a face could be seen - his mothers face she believed. I had never heard of orbs. I was astounded that there could be such a thing. I had looked at that photo many times and never noticed the curious small circle before. "Go home and look through your photos and you will find more" she said. "Take notice of photos you take on special occassions and they will be there". They were there and have been around me ever since.

I am fascinated and curious about the orb phenomena, what they are and what their purpose is. The diversity of orbs I have encountered is incredible. I have collected many photos and videos. 

On two occassions I have been witness to an orb spectacle that still has me shaking my head in disbelief. An amazing display of lights burtsing from some unseen doorway in our living room. My son saw it too the first time. I have many questions not yet answered and am on a quest to find out more.

It's time for me to share my discoveries with everyone....

NB: This page will be updated regularly (photos and /or videos included with each post). 



Date of photo - 1st Jan 2014.
Camera - Canon IXUS 16.1 Digital. Flash on. Photo has not been altered in any way.
Comment - This is the brightest orb I have ever captured on camera. I had the urge to take a photo just above me head. I capture this orb a few times that night in different locations in my back yard. Very clear, still night. It looks like a beacon.

Kind regards

The Orb Lady